Why the Best Flooring Contractor in NYC is Actually Headquartered in Flemington, NJ

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When large contractors are searching for the best flooring companies in NYC, time and time again the search leads back to Direct Flooring, headquartered in Flemington, NJ. Providing flooring products to many high-profile projects throughout New York, as well as NJ and Philadelphia, Direct Flooring has earned a stellar reputation as a flooring contractor for high end hardwood flooring solutions as well as flooring installation services.

From the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the Upper West Side, Direct Flooring specializes in high profile residential construction projects in many of the upscale neighborhoods throughout NYC. Construction companies are looking for a flooring contractor that can handle the complexity of providing quality flooring products and manage all facets of flooring installation, including floor leveling and remediation services.

Many projects are led by world class architects, designers, construction companies, builders or developers that start with a focused vision for the design aesthetics and architectural details. Often these large mid-rise and high-rise projects offer various types of flooring in the residences and the amenity areas. When large contractors are looking for the best flooring company in NYC, with an experienced team that can manage everything from helping them select the right flooring products down to the custom stains, finishes or clear coating. Before the hardwood or LVT is installed, Direct Flooring’s team handles the pre-installation work. Floor remediation is handled by their team of experts prior to the installation. This will ensure a floor is level and ready for installation. In addition, most flooring systems include sound barriers that help keep things quiet between residences.

What constitutes being one of the best flooring contractors in NYC? Some would say it is reputation, others would say it is about providing customers with consistency and quality customer service. Others might say price. At Direct Flooring, we believe it is a combination of experience and our teams diverse backgrounds in construction, manufacturing, project management, installation and product care. See if you recognize any of Direct Flooring’s Projects in NYC – Be sure to click each link to read the flooring stories inspired by great architects at the magnificent locations:

Direct Flooring, located in Flemington, NJ, has been the top choice of construction firms, developers, home builders, architects and designers since 2005. Trusted with custom flooring solutions by construction firms delivering top quality mid-rise and high-rise locations in NYC, Philadelphia, and throughout NJ, Direct Flooring has earned a reputation for providing the finest luxury flooring products in the tri-state area.

Click here to see an interactive map showcasing our high-profile NYC projects.



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