From the Exceptional Residences to the Spectacular Amenities Spaces, Beckford House and Tower Exudes Luxury in Every Detail

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Some modern high-rise buildings in New York City exude class and luxury; Beckford House and Tower is a prime example. Long before the designs were ever complete, Studio Sofield set out to design a twin set of buildings that would immerse the buyer at every level. From the beginning, The Beckford House and Tower was to include architectural cues and modern styling that would stand the test of time.

From the multimillion-dollar luxury apartment spaces to the specialty amenities spaces, Direct Flooring’s team worked hand in hand with the developers and design team to determine the flooring systems for each space. The breathtaking collection of 104 homes feature one-to-six-bedroom residences that reach into the tens of millions in price, with some residences exceeding 6,000 sq. ft.

Beckford House and Tower features domestic hardwood installed unfinished in the luxury apartment spaces. The light stain and clear finished coats keep the flooring light and bright which brings out the natural highlights of the hardwood floor. The hardwood selected has a nice mix of light and dark colors which create a unique effect when applied to different areas of the residence.

Before the flooring could be installed, floor remediation was required. Direct Flooring has a specialized team of floor remediation specialist who take an uneven concrete floor surface and transform it into a level sub floor system ready for hardwood to be applied.

There are certain areas of the residences where the flooring is applied and installed in a herringbone pattern. Other areas are applied in a straight hardwood floor pattern.

For the amenities areas, Beckford House and Towers features spectacular flooring for the fitness area but a special hardwood for the indoor basketball court. These specialized hardwood systems perform as great as they look.


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