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When it comes to hardwood flooring, there is an endless array of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. Every new construction project begins with a vision of the space. From the lighting to the flooring, architects are striving for a specific look and hardwood flooring is a great place to select special patterns which will accentuate the spaces design.

Traditional Plank Flooring Patterns:

The most traditional way to lay flooring is in straight-line patterns using randrom length boards placed side by side. The continuous length of the floor fools the eye making the space seem larger. This technique is used in smaller spaces that could benefit from the illusion of a larger space.

Diagonal Patterns:

This bold effect adds a visual interest and impact to your space. This technique is typically done to showcase a specific element or design feature. Hallways and kitchens can benefit from this type of treatment again tricking the eye into thinking the room is larger than it really is. Popular in cities, diagonally placed boards are a great option that blends time-tested style with modern design.

Random Width:

This trend combines narrow and wide plank flooring give flexibility when balancing traditional and more trendy elements. The random planks create visual interest and can make the room feel more modern and larger. Adaptable with any style of color palette, random width flooring can look great when using dark colors like expresso or light colors light maple or whitewashed oak.

The Versailles Pattern:

A repeating hardwood design consisting of a square end border with interlacing diagonals. First created in France during the 17th Century, it is popular in historic mansions or historic renovation projects. It is an example of parquet flooring which is a mosaic design crafted in angular and geometric shapes.

TIP – Expert flooring installers should be used for any of the parquet flooring styles including Versailles, Herringbone and Chevron patterns.

Herringbone Pattern:

Named after the bone structure of a Herring fish, Herringbone patterns are upscale, intricate and eye catching. The pattern lends itself to using two contrasting wood finishes (a light and a dark) but is not required. This interlocking pattern is best suited for larger rooms and spaces by making them feel more intimate and cozier. Herringbone patterns are popular in super high end luxury condos and apartments throughout New York and is experiencing a surge of popularity in the surrounding cities as well.

Chevron Pattern:

Like Herringbone, the Chevron pattern is comprised of zig-zag patterns laid into a beautiful ā€œVā€ shape. Stable and long lasting, the Chevron pattern will stand the test of time with angles cut sharper than the Herringbone pattern. The Chevron pattern create a unique style of points and valleys that direct your eye across the room. This pattern of floor is also gaining in popularity because the pattern creates a sense of movement and flow.

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