Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors – Tips to Keeping Floors Looking Great!

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Have you recently purchased a new home, condo or luxury apartment? Have you installed new hardwood floors and want to ensure they are long lasting and your investment looks great for years to come? Here we examine some flooring tips from your local flooring experts at Direct Flooring, Flemington, NJ.

Your choice in flooring products is one of the most basic and yet most important decision any home builder, developer, architect, designer and ultimately, a homeowner will make. Exploring available options in wide plank hardwood flooring and deciding which colors and tints will stand the test of time is equally important.

Whether you choose engineered or solid hardwood, our simple tips explain some of the most common tips for keeping your flooring looking great as well as some things to avoid that can cause lasting damage to your new floors.

Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors

Tip #1 – Hiring a Qualified Flooring Expert – Hiring the right flooring contractor that delivers complete flooring solutions is paramount. Larger projects require diligent management which includes providing the right flooring materials, allowing the flooring to acclimate to the environment, and having the qualified crews to install the flooring materials. Following this tried and true process at every step will ensure the final product will be cost-effective and long-lasting. Tip #2 – Relative Humidity & Hardwood Flooring – Managing your homes’ relative humidity, especially in areas of the Northeast, is very important. Have you noticed in summer months your doors swell and tend to stick? Well, the same increase in humidity will increase the chance of swelling or cupping of your hardwood flooring. The opposite happens in winter, and if your homes relative humidity is too low your hardwood flooring will experience an increased chance of shrinking and gaps will begin to form.

Tip #3 – Hardwood Flooring and Areas Rugs – Rugs in general tend to attract lots of dirt from foot traffic. The dirt captured in the rug will ultimately make its way through the rug and act as a form of “sandpaper”. It is recommended to use a waffle backed rug and cleaning it at regular intervals in order to mitigate this effect.. Avoid foam backed area rugs that trap dirt inside and damage hardwood floors over time. Tip #4 – Hardwood Flooring and Cleaning Solutions – Do not use too much water when cleaning your hardwood flooring. Sticking to a fine mist spay will do the work of cleaning your floors while avoiding a saturated effect which will make its way between the cracks of the floor. Follow these steps when cleaning your hardwood floor to safely avoid any issues:

  1. Sweep or dust mop your floors daily.
  2. Vacuum up the dirt with a dust buster.
  3. Utilize a terry cloth to clean and dry the hardwood.
  4. Select a quality wood floor cleaner – make sure it is non-toxic!
  5. Do not saturate your floors! Plain water will not fully clean your floor or make it shine.
  6. Do not allow your floors to air dry. This will increase the chance of warping.

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