Residential High-Rise Construction is in Demand – Self Leveling Floors and Concrete Slab Remediation by Direct Flooring

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Editor’s Note: Direct Flooring, Flemington, NJ is one of the tri state areas top choice for self-leveling and remediation of concrete flooring in luxury high-rise residential construction.

Whether you are installing custom wide plank hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, or carpet tile for high-rise residential construction, living areas must combine beauty, functionality and durability. During the construction phase, one of the most important challenges facing flooring contractors happens well before the flooring is installed; making sure the concrete flooring surface is level and with-in certain tolerance in such large areas requires an organized step by step procedure.

Making sure the process is done accurately and in an organized and timely fashion requires hiring a flooring contractor that is prepared to test, survey, and schedule expert installation crews that are experienced enough to access, prepare, mix and apply self-leveling materials that are reliable, eco-friendly and durable.

At 145 West Street, Brooklyn, NY, Direct Flooring is remediating 525,000 sq. ft. of concrete over a two-year time table.  The process includes a skilled team which measures, tests, prepares, mixes and the application of self-leveling compound and underlayment.

Finding solutions for every concrete restoration problem that exists in today’s high-rise residential market is based primarily on project and field conditions. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Deviation in Flooring Height – When constructing a high-rise superstructure, before the flooring can be installed the tolerance required is 1/8” in a 10’ radiance. Experienced crews will survey the existing slab (1 floor at a time) and benchmark all flooring anomalies using lasers and specialized equipment.
  2. Application of Self-Leveling Material – With over 30 products available from a host of manufacturer’s like CMP, Mapei Novoplan, and Ardex, the underlayment products apply monolithically and typically 1 floor at a time. Direct Flooring’s expert team can install up to 10,000 sq. ft. of self-leveling compound at any given time.
  3. Sound Control – To appease the most demanding high-rise luxury owners, HOA board members, or stringent building codes, manufacturers offer a variety of sound solutions to control ambient noise transmission and impact sound transfer between floors. Sound reduction membranes are available that are designed to work with the primers, adhesives, and self-leveling compounds that provide a total solution for multi-family living.
Primers and Self-Leveling – Primers enhance the performance and adhesion to self-leveling underlayment and can create texture and improve the bond between the concrete and the self-leveling compound.

Wood flooring provides the high-end styling and luxurious feel in upscale high-rise buildings of today. However, it requires a flat substrate and is sensitive to moisture from above (relative humidity of the room) and below (moisture content of the concrete and self-leveling compound) used to make the floor flat. Concerns can be addressed through careful planning and product selection to help protect wood floors from moisture. Creating an environment that is ready to accept the flooring in a luxury residential high-rise has its challenges. Direct Flooring is your total resource in evaluating the best solutions for your concrete remediation project.

“Our crews are experienced in self-leveling and new technology, allowing us to measure floors to the millimeter. Creating a level subfloor is paramount to the success of each installation and we are committed to the highest standards in the industry.”

Manny Salgado – Direct Flooring


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