Why Quality Flooring Products Contribute to Long Term Revenue and Profitability

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Regardless of what type of business you are in, your customers are not going to choose you solely based on price. More often it is quality products and service that leads first time customers to becoming long term customers. In terms of quality flooring products, studies have shown customers will pay more for a product or service if they understand it is made well and exceeds the standards of other similar products. The Direct Flooring team is the best in the business. As a large ground-up multifamily developer/builder it is extremely important to have trustworthy and reliable contractors and Direct is as good as it gets. They have performed extremely well for us on at least a dozen large scale projects and continue to be our go-to contractor for all types of flooring. They are an integral part of our sub-contractor alliance and we plan to use them for many years to come. Providing quality flooring products is critical to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty so they are incentivized to come and buy from us again in the future. At Direct Flooring, we start each project considering the types of flooring we offer, as well as the installation process we will use, as both will contribute to the long-term revenue and profitability for our clients.

Our Ideal Clients for Quality Flooring Products and Installation ServiceS

For high end luxury apartments and condos throughout the tri-state area, Direct Flooring has a solid reputation for supplying and installing quality hardwood flooring, LVT, high end carpet and custom resilient flooring products for construction companies, builders and developers. Mid-Rise and High-Rise projects require consistency throughout the project, and we deliver.


Our Ideal Clients Include:

Architects and Designers – World renowned architects and design teams designing hotels, mid-rise and high-rise luxury apartments, large apartment rental communities, Live/Work communities and high-end renovation projects are looking for quality flooring products and installation solutions. Using quality products and exceeding expectations is our main goal and focus.

Construction Companies – For residential and commercial flooring projects, we are tasked by construction firms to provide and install quality flooring products. Our repeat customers praise us on our reliability and trustworthiness. Builders and Developers – Builders and developers must be efficient, cost effective and provide quality flooring to their customers. Having the project done right in the beginning alleviates problems in the future. There is no cutting corners and little wasted material because every dollar counts.

Local Municipalities – Direct Flooring is a NJ State approved flooring contractor. We provide quality flooring for projects throughout the Garden State and have lead the way in renovating libraries and schools all over NJ. This practice eliminates hard to clean carpet by replacing it with easy to clean LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).

Direct Flooring believes quality is the result of a process that gives attention to every detail and includes the elimination of errors throughout the process. Quality means predictable, reliable service, which is essential to consistently meet our customers’ expectations, all the time, every time. Direct Flooring, located in Flemington, NJ, has been the top choice of construction firms, developers, home builders, architects and designers since 2005. Trusted with custom flooring solutions by construction firms delivering top quality mid-rise and high-rise locations in NYC, Philadelphia, and throughout NJ, Direct Flooring has earned a reputation for providing the finest luxury flooring products in the tri-state area.



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