New Jersey Schools Making Rapid Changes in Floor Replacement and Cleaning in Response to COVID-19

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Maximizing a School’s Cleanliness Starts from the Ground Up – How Administrators in New Jersey Schools are Leading the Way in Preventing the Spread

Although COVID-19 has shuttered school buildings throughout New Jersey, an effective plan has emerged that school administrators can follow which will help keep students, teachers, and faculty safer. This plan requires administrators in New Jersey schools to start from the ground up, and that means taking a look at your flooring.

Maintaining the floors in any public space should include a robust method of cleaning, especially for carpets. At Direct Flooring, we have seen a trend that calls for floor cleaning at regular intervals, as well as floor replacement in certain situations.

“Many of the school administrators have asked us to remove the existing carpeting in many of the classrooms and large areas like the library,” says Frank Gomes at Direct Flooring. He continued, “We are now cleaning carpets at many schools at regular intervals, as well as replacing carpeted areas with options that are easier to clean and maintain, such as  LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).”

The replacements are done for multiple reasons. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring does not need to be waxed, and therefore is much easier to maintain. Also, the cleaning process is much faster and less expensive for LVT when compared to carpet. Frank explained “We are seeing a huge trend in many of the state municipalities and school districts to do away with all carpet flooring completely.”

Services offered by Direct Flooring for New Jersey Schools

carpet in New Jersey schools and libraries

  • Evaluate current carpeting and flooring conditions
  • Prepare detailed report and costs associated with proper cleaning of existing carpeting
  • Removal of old flooring requiring waxing, and replacing it with LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)
  • Removal of all carpeting and replacing it with LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)
  • Replacement of flooring area by area (which allows schools to remain open during transition period)
  • Direct Flooring offers their clients a service that includes packaging books and shelving displays and reinstalling after the flooring has been replaced.


It has become increasing clear for schools to employ a strategy that includes a cleaning program that supports the well-being of the school’s faculty, staff and students. Cleaning floors regularly removes soil, dirt, debris, and organic materials from the floors surface.


Flooring that students frequently sit on and touch have a higher risk of transmission and should be put into a special category, as opposed to hallways that should be seen as less critical due to lower chance of human touch and transmission.

School officials are focused on many aspects of the pandemic. Keeping a schools population safe is a top priority for many of them.

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