Is Vinyl Flooring the Best Option for Your Rental Property?

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Selecting the flooring for your luxury rental property can be a daunting process. There are many factors that can impact your decision: what are your plans for the property, both in the long-term and the short-term? What type of tenants will be renting the space?

It is important to keep these questions in mind during the decision making process, as your choice of flooring will leave a substantial impression on potential buyers. It’s best to get a grasp of your future plans and target market before selecting the best flooring for your luxury rental property.


Flooring is an Investment

Determining your plans for your property is an important first step to selecting the eventual flooring product, as they will help you decide what type of flooring you want to invest in. If you are a property manager looking to invest in a property long-term, you should choose a flooring option that’s durable enough to last. Conversely, if you are a property owner looking to flip in the short-term, your choice should be a stylish flooring solution that will appeal to potential buyers.

In both of these cases, luxury vinyl flooring is ideal. It is both very durable to take a beating in the long haul, and also very versatile and affordable from a design perspective.


Keeping the Renters in Mind

Who do you have in mind as a potential tenant? Is your project in an urban area, with young and hip renters looking for an upscale, yet affordable, place to live? Or are your tenants going to be 55 and older and searching for a quiet and comfy living space?

Luxury vinyl flooring is an optimal flooring option because it caters to so many different types of renters; it offers an incredible amount of versatility and affordability to accommodate both younger and older tenants. Because of it’s non-porous nature, luxury vinyl is ideal for tenants with young children, and also pets, who are prone to spilling and scratching.

Luxury vinyl also allows you to design your property with any look you can imagine. It can imitate the look of hardwood, stone, marble, ceramic, or almost any other natural material. It even lets you go beyond natural design – such as contemporary linear patterns.



Factoring the Costs into Your Choice of Flooring

Cost is a very important factor to keep in mind when choosing the best flooring option for your rental property. While hardwood and marble may seem more luxurious, they are often cost prohibitive and may not make sense for you in the long-term. Put simply, it is far easier, and cheaper, to replace a section of luxury vinyl than it is to replace a plank of hardwood or section of carpet. Whether due to damage or changing trends, you’ll certainly need to replace your floor at some point.


Where to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring in your Property

One of the best aspects of luxury vinyl flooring is its versatility – it can work well in pretty much every room of your rental property. And because of its non-porous quality, it is very resistant to moisture – making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

In addition, rental properties with common areas like lobbies, hallways, recreation rooms and fitness rooms are also perfectly suited for luxury vinyl flooring. It is also perfect for elevator flooring as well.



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