Flooring Products Moving the New Home Marketplace

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In a world full of new flooring products, carpeting is getting more comfortable, hardwood is getting more roughed-up and vinyl is getting more luxurious. Let’s explore what new products are having an impact from coast to coast.

New Styles in Luxury Vinyl

It may seem odd to refer to any vinyl product as ‘luxurious’,  but penetrating the home builder markets across the country are new products home buyers are eager to walk on. For those who pay close attention to new flooring products, this trend will continue to grow making luxury vinyl more prevalent in living areas, foyers, common spaces and wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms alike.
Thanks to incredibly realistic photo technology, luxury vinyl flooring can mimic real wood (and many other materials) so closely that you have to look a second time to see that its vinyl.

But luxury vinyl is far from the only flooring product that’s drawing consumer attention. Here is what we can expect to see from flooring manufacturers over the next year or two.


New Types of Carpeting

Carpet is getting even more eco-friendly and a few manufacturers are creating fiber combinations that take softness and wear-ability to a new level. Shaw (Floors) is the only flooring manufacturer that recycles nylon into carpeting, but a lot of companies melt down polyester and make new fiber over and over. The development of softer textures as the cutting-edge trend in the business. The trend that has been most surprising to home builders is the return of luxury carpet. Some of the softest carpet ever felt is now arriving into the marketplace; Shaw’s Bellera line (high performance, superior stain protection) and Mohawk Flooring’s SmartStrand Silk line (a nylon product that uses three times the number of fibers of other carpet), are just two examples of luxury carpets recently introduced into the marketplace.

In terms of carpet styles, the current favorite is a broad genre called cut-and-loop, in which the pile is partly cut and partially looped to create a sculpted look or textured pattern. Consumers are also trending toward patterned carpet, with a clean finish and some personality to it. These pattern styles are most widely used in bedrooms and staircases.


Latest News in Hardwood

With the advent of the great room plan, having consistent flooring is a big part of having the wood run from the kitchen to the family areas of the home. Real hardwood flooring is still getting top billing for consumers in this regard.

Preferences in hardwoods are leaning toward darker stains, with a growing interest in gray tones, larger planks, multiple-sized planks, and more exotic species including hickory, cherry, walnut.

Look for more hardwood floors that have been hand-scraped and hand-textured. People are willing to pay for a new floor, but they want it to look old. Another growing segment of the market is interested in reclaimed woods, which have been salvaged from older residential flooring or even from old barns. Making something look worn and aged has gained popularity, as many designers have incorporated a farmhouse look into their design schemes.

Bamboo flooring made a big splash in the industry some years back because it comes from an easily renewable resource, but the category gradually met with some resistance because some early versions were known to have shrinkage issues. However, bamboo is getting better looking all the time. Look for bamboo to be produced in new array of colors and plank widths.


New Tile is Larger and Growing

Ceramic tile is getting bigger and bigger. Standard tile formats of 12” x 12” and 13” x 13” are now trending to planks running 6” x 24” and 12” x 48”. Tiles have also gotten larger for luxury buildings in the lobby areas where the walls are also being covered with oversized slabs of tile and stone. Consumers are seeing larger tiles in magazines, on-line, in decorated models and hotel lobbies. Larger tiles look more luxurious and will continue to grow in size. Colors leaning toward textures that look like fabric, wood and concrete are definitely trending.ABOUT DIRECT FLOORING

Direct Flooring works with most flooring manufacturers regarding new products in carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl (resilient) and tile. We have specialized in commercial flooring products and services throughout the tri-state metro area of NY, NJ and PA since 2005.

We are always looking for new products as manufacturers scramble to keep up with the latest trends in design. We handle the most challenging flooring projects, handle all types of flooring products and flooring installation services.

Direct Flooring is fully insured and bonded and an authorized State of New Jersey flooring contractor.



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