Scaling Up Your Flooring in Mid-Rise and High-Rise Apartments, Condos, and Luxury Hotels Can be a Challenge

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Are you trying to hire the best flooring contractor  in the New York, New Jersey metro area? For larger projects, Direct Flooring, located in Flemington, NJ, is up to the task. When it comes to servicing some of the largest construction firms, contracting with Direct Flooring can help you save money, but more importantly, they have the manpower, crews and project managers to ensure the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Scaling up for larger projects is something Direct Flooring has been specializing in for over 15 years. High profile projects and construction firms in New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey rely on Direct Flooring. Experts in materials and flooring installation processes means a quality finished product is our core focus.

Scaling up means having the right personnel in place to keep larger projects running smoothly. Time is money, and although we work quickly and efficiently, Direct Flooring never cuts corners or skips vital steps during the installation process. Our reputation for quality in the flooring industry is well known through our impressive list of recent projects we are working on:

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Direct Flooring, located in Flemington, NJ, has been the top choice of construction firms, developers, home builders, architects and designers since 2005. Trusted with custom flooring solutions in mid-rise and high rise locations in NYC, Philadephia, and throughout NJ, Direct Flooring has earned a reputation for providing the finest luxury flooring products in the tri-state area.



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