Direct Flooring Project – One William Englewood

June 04 , 2018 / Posted by raihan
Trends in Hardwood Flooring

This light and wide plank flooring is featured in this luxury apartment in lower Manhattan at 443 Greenwich Street, NY, New York. Trends in Hardwood Flooring for Luxury Mid-Rise and High-Rise Residences Wood Flooring has been proven time and again to be the top choice for designers and architect in and around New York City. […]

May 10 , 2018 / Posted by Alan Delellis
Hardwood Flooring Options – A Quick Guide

Not all hardwood flooring is created equal. Direct Flooring offers expert guidance when it comes to choosing the right hardwood flooring, installation methods and design trends in flooring design. Hardwood has long become a popular choice for its beauty and easy maintenance. It is also much more durable, and many hardwoods can be refinished multiple […]

March 15 , 2018 / Posted by John Rod
Corporate Video

February 05 , 2018 / Posted by Alan Delellis
The Team

February 05 , 2018 / Posted by Alan Delellis
New Projects

February 05 , 2018 / Posted by Alan Delellis
Direct Flooring Team
Direct Flooring – A Culture of Teamwork

Direct Flooring Cultivates a Company Culture of Teamwork and Respect Direct Flooring provides world class products and services in the commercial flooring industry. Our staff has diverse backgrounds in construction, manufacturing, project management, installation, and product care. Our team is highly equipped to help architects, designers, and contractors to meet the most challenging projects head-on. […]

February 05 , 2018 / Posted by Alan Delellis
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