Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors – Tips to Keeping Floors Looking Great!

Have you recently purchased a new home, condo or luxury apartment? Have you installed new hardwood floors and want to ensure they are long lasting and your investment looks great for years to come? Here we examine some flooring tips from your local flooring experts at Direct Flooring, Flemington, NJ. Your choice in flooring products […]

November 20 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Commercial Flooring in NYC – Flooring Products Offering the Perfect Choice of Design Style

The largest commercial flooring projects in the tri-state area often begin life as a vision by the developer. As the developer and architect review the initial concepts for a mid-rise or high-rise project, the flooring becomes a vital part of the overall design. As the designs take shape and ultimately become finalized, the interior finishes […]

October 29 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Luxury Mid Rise Apartments – Flooring That Inspires Architects, Designers, and Buyers

Looking for flooring inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Each of Direct Flooring's new luxury mid-rise buildings in the New York City metro area starts with inspiration from the architect. Pinpointing sight lines throughout the home and creating comfortable spaces within can be both challenging and rewarding. Flooring plans play a vital role in […]

September 26 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
High Rise in NYC – 11 Hoyt is Brooklyn’s Newest Skyscraper Under Construction

High Rise in NYC - 11 Hoyt is Brooklyn’s Newest Skyscraper Under Construction 11 Hoyt, Brooklyn’s newest skyscraper, is setting the standards in luxury residential living. With over 600,000 square feet of living and amenities spaces, the 57-story high-rise will indulge your senses both indoors and out. Inspired by old world Brooklyn architecture from yesteryear, […]

August 28 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Direct Flooring Being “Book Smart” While Renovating Princeton’s Public Library

About Princeton Public Library: The Princeton Public Library, located in Princeton, New Jersey, is the most visited municipal public library in New Jersey with over 860,000 annual visitors who borrow 550,000 items, ask more than 83,000 reference questions, log onto library computers over 90,000 times, and attend more than 1,300 programs. When Direct Flooring decided […]

April 02 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Why Carpet Tile is the Best Flooring Choice for Your School or Library

When it is time to renovate your school or library, one aspect that can make the most difference in comfort and design is the flooring. Flooring can also affect the well-being and wellness of everyone in the library or school, from the staff members to the young children. Additionally, the flooring will make a large […]

February 18 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Relative Humidity & its Effects on Your Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring, because it is a natural product and contains some level of water content at all times, will expectedly behave like a natural product and not have the same characteristics of plastic or laminate flooring. The moisture content in the wood in your home or business fluctuates as the moisture in the environment changes. […]

January 19 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
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