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Relative Humidity & its Effects on Your Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring, because it is a natural product and contains some level of water content at all times, will expectedly behave like a natural product and not have the same characteristics of plastic or laminate flooring. The moisture content in the wood in your home or business fluctuates as the moisture in the environment changes. […]

February 19 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Creating a Balance of Logistics in Luxury Flooring – High End Flooring Project in NYC

On the corner of Gramercy and Flatiron is 121 East 22nd Street, the first residential building in New York City designed by world-renowned architectural firm OMA, founded by Rem Koolhaas. The unique 18-story building offers 140 residences with diverse layouts, contemporary design, and fabulous amenities throughout.   Presented by Toll Brothers, this larger high-profile flooring […]

January 16 , 2019 / Posted by John Rod
Is Vinyl Flooring the Best Option for Your Rental Property?

Selecting the flooring for your luxury rental property can be a daunting process. There are many factors that can impact your decision: what are your plans for the property, both in the long-term and the short-term? What type of tenants will be renting the space? It is important to keep these questions in mind during […]

November 02 , 2018 / Posted by John Rod
Playroom flooring, Direct Flooring
Flooring Options for New Construction

Creating the right vibe inside your new building will often set the tone for new prospects and visitors who come shopping in the hope of finding their dream home, condo or luxury apartment.  Generating fabulous interior spaces often becomes the responsibility of the interior designer, the architect, or the developer's selections. Flooring products that wear […]

September 27 , 2018 / Posted by John Rod
Selecting a NJ State Flooring Provider

4 Reasons Direct Flooring is a Top Choice Statewide Serving the Entire State of New Jersey, Direct Flooring in Flemington, NJ offers the experience and solutions for providing all types of flooring for your school or library. Our competitive price structure and organized planning helps you make the flooring transformation fast, easy and affordable. Since […]

July 13 , 2018 / Posted by John Rod
Hardwood Flooring Options – A Quick Guide

Not all hardwood flooring is created equal. Direct Flooring offers expert guidance when it comes to choosing the right hardwood flooring, installation methods and design trends in flooring design. Hardwood has long become a popular choice for its beauty and easy maintenance. It is also much more durable, and many hardwoods can be refinished multiple […]

March 15 , 2018 / Posted by John Rod